Play ps4 games in android phones

​Remote Play from Sony lets gamers play ps4 games on android phone .

Previously, Remote Play feature was only on offer for owners of Sony Xperia handsets, but we’re pleased to report that it’s now possible to play ps4 games on Android phone without the need for rooting, thanks to a little workaround.
Read on for our guide on how to play PS4 games using any Android phone or tablet.
Download RemotePlayPort

To start off, you’ll need to download RemotePlayPort for your Android device.

The file comes in at just under 7MB, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long for the process to finish.
Make the most of this Remote Play hack whilst it’s still online.
You can save yourself some time by navigating to the download page directly from your mobile, rather than downloading the file to a PC or Mac and transferring it across.
Whilst some Android owners running firmware 4.2 and 4.3 are reporting positive results, it’s worth noting that the software is primarily built with Android KitKat 4.4+ devices in mind.

Open the .APK using Android’s File Manager
Navigate to your Android file manager and run the RemotePlayPort APK.
You’ll be informed that it’s possible to pair your Sony PlayStation 4 controller with your Android smartphone, and whilst this is possible, you’d need to root your device to do so Without an Xperia smartphone.
Above: The Remote Play welcome page.

For this tutorial we’re staying root-free, so you’ll have to use on-screen button mapping.
Pair your devices

Tap ‘NEXT’ and your smartphone or tablet will begin searching for your console. If the wait takes too long or times out, it’s worth making sure that your Android and PS4 are both running off the same WiFi connection.
As the app says, it can take a ‘couple of minutes’ for pairing to complete.

Oh, and your console needs to be turned on at this point. Obviously.
Enjoy Remote Play for Android

If everything has gone as expected, you should now be looking at your PS4 dashboard on your mobile screen.
The Remote Play tool functions in both portrait and lanscape mode, but if you’re using on-screen buttons then it makes sense to play landscape. The image quality is greater in this view too.
During our play testing we tried out a number of titles through Remote Play including the Binding of Isaac and FIFA 15.

Get gamin’.We found that performance varied, with internet strength playing a considerable role in defining the experience. Still, we were impressed overall.

Due to the on-screen button mapping system, we’d say that Remote Play is best used with downloadable titles that don’t come with technical control commands.

The handy feature is also ideal for navigating through your homescreen if you’re too lazy to get up and reach for your Dualshock, checking and replying to messages and booting up third-party apps such as Netflix or iPlayer.

Being able to shut down your PS4 from your mobile is also fairly useful.

(Optional) Adjust Remote Play settings

If your initial experience isn’t a good one, it might be worth diving into the Remote Play settings page.

Here, you’ll find toggles that allow you to adjust video quality playback, which could go some way to reducing lag in certain instances.

Vibration feedback can also be switched on or off.


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