How To Use Google Adsense in WordPress Blog Full Tutorial

However, you do not have to tell everyone that Adsense Ad unit has all of you know about Adsense but if you are a new blogger and you do not know about it, then in 2, 3 line, Let me tell you how to use Google Adsense in wordpress blog.

Google Adsense is an online advertising agency company What does it contain? We place Google Ad’s code in our site / website so that our website shows ads and when a visitor clicks on your ads, Google gives money to that click.

This is a website and you can earn a lot of good money through Google AdSense.
And if you do not have any website, then you should first create your own website if you want to create a free blog

Read this:- how to create a free website

When you create your new blog then you are able to incur a traffic on it, then it is better to apply for adsense if you do not applied yet

When you apply google adsense par, now it’s time to ad posting so that you can follow the steps below and upload the adsense code to your wordpress blog.

How to Create Adsense Ad Unit : –

  1. First of all, login to Adsense account
  2. Click on My ads
  3. Then click on + New ad unit
  4. Select Your Ad Name and Select Ad
  5. Click on save and get code
  6. Copy Adsense code and publish on website / blog

This was the 6 Step Adsense Ad Unit to create, we will now know in detail 

First of all, go to and login by entering your email ID and password.

  1. Now you will see my ads written above, then you click on it.
  2. When you click on My ads, you will see + New ad unit written, then you click on it to create new adsense ad unit.
  3. Now in the next page you will find some options to create ads. You can see the screenshot given below.

Name: You can enter any name

Ad size: You can choose any ad size for your blog. Now you do not have to do anything else just click on the save and get code button.  

5. When you click on the save and get code button, you will have a code display, it is your code of adsense, you have to put this code in your website, then the ad will live on your site. To get the Ad code live in your blog, what you do, copy the code that will be displayed in front of you and paste it on the wordpress blog if you do not have to paste, then follow the step below.


How to use Google Adsense in WordPress blog

In this, you are telling us how to place an ad in WordPress, which we can apply in the sidebar of our website.

1).Then you will see the Appearance written there, then you take your mouse over there.

2).Now, if you have some options, then you click on the Widgets option.

3).If you have to advertise in your blog’s sidebar then what do you first do is open the WordPress Dashboard.


WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Text

After you paste the ad code, click on the save button. Now place where the code was placed, your site will appear blank space in your site, it will take at least 1 or 2 hours for your ad to show, after that blank space your ad will be live.