How To Use Whatsapp in Laptop/Desktop

WhatsApp, which is the most popular messenger app. You can find this app in everyone’s phone these days. So in this trick i am gonna tell you how to use whatsapp in your computer also.

This app has so far downloaded more than 5 billion people and 42 billion messages are sent daily on whatsapp. Meaning of the whole world is even more than 6 times more than that itself, you can make an estimate yourself

First we could use WhatsApp only in our smartphone, but now the company has worked hard and add a few more features to it, the result is that we can now use whatsapp in your laptop too.

So friends came to know that  how to use WhatsApp in your computer . Just follow the steps below.

How to use WhatsApp In Laptop And Desktop Computer :-

Step 1 : First open your chrome browser in PC and go to You will see a QR Code like the screenshot below. So that page will let you stay open.

Step 2 : Now you will need your mobile phone, so take your phone and open whatsapp. There you will see 3 dots, then you have to click on that button and then have to continue.

 Step 3Now there are a lot of options in front of you, so what you click on the WhatsApp Web option.

Step 4 Now your phone camera will open automatically, then scan that QR code with your phone.

Step 5 : When you scanned the QR code from your smartphone then after that you will be able to open your whatsapp on your PC’s web browser and then you will be able to talk to anyone.

 Note :- You must take care of one thing as you can see in the screenshot above that it says that “keep your phone connected” means that whenever you are using whatsapp in the web browser, your smartphone needs internet Keep it connected, then it will continue to work.