(Proof Added) Earn Rs 51 On Signup And 51 Per Refer By Google Wallet TEZ

Hello dealntricksloot readers, I am back with a new loot by Google. In this offer you can earn upto 9000rs 51rs on signup and 51 per refer. So just follow the steps below.

How To Use Google Adsense in WordPress Blog Full Tutorial

However, you do not have to tell everyone that Adsense Ad unit has all of you know about Adsense but if you are a new blogger and you do not know about it, then in 2, 3 line, Let me tell you how to use Google Adsense in wordpress blog.

Get Google Assistant On Android Phone Without Root ~ dealntricksloot

We are back again with Another Trick.Following This Guide You Will Have Google Assistant On Your Android Smartphone Having Android Version Of 5.0 Lollipop Or Higher – Keep In My Your Phone Should Must Having Android Lollipop Version To Use This Google Assistant. What is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant developed

6 Ways to get your Blog Ranked High on Google – DEALNTRICKSLOOT 

Hello DEALNTRICKSLOOT readers i have seen that Everyone who writes blogs thinks about how to get my blog ranked high in google search results. In this article i am going to tell you 6 simple ways to improve your Google search rank. 1. Select Your Keywords and Keyword Phrases:- Choose the keywords and keyword phrases

How to make google forms with picture password

Google Forms have this “all-or-none” problem. The forms are either public (anyone can fill your form) or, if you are on Google Apps, you can create forms that are visible to everyone in your organization. It is however not possible to restrict access to forms to specific people. Another shortcoming is that Google Forms do

Use Google to remember your daily life things

How do you remember important things that you think you might forget? Some rely on their brain to memorize information while others prefer  writing things down on post-it notes. There are ton of digital note-taking apps – from Evernote to Trello – that can also help you remember anything with ease. There’s another interesting option